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The darkside triumped again

Posted 06 Aug 2010 — by admin
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Once upon the time, there were two german kick off players- Both played a lovely kick off style, simple but nice to watch (an unknown dutch player will not agree to that :-) . Ok one of them was well known for his fouls, well he nearly always do fouls you could say. So honestly lets say, both friendly and good-natured german kick off players played a lovely kick off that does not include fairness.

The the darkness came upon them. During a trip to the land of high prices and little black haired women, both were thrown to the dark sind. No not Sensie :-) , but even worse than that (or maybe this touch of evil was the reason for their interest in the Sensie world).
While one of these formerly good-natured players learned immediatly the BLC, only some mounth later even the other learnded how to do the midfield lob. Sad but true again two innocent souls were lost to the club of evil lobbers.

For all of you who are out there playing kick off: Beware of them! Thair names are: Frank “John BLC” F. and Thorsten “Sindre Lob” B.