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Deutsche Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2011 – Bilder

Posted 05 Oct 2011 — by admin
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Danke an Horst L für die (meisten der) Bilder

Das Oldenburg Computer Museum

Deutsche Meisterschaft

Oldenburger Computer Museum – Lager

Deutsche Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft Vorbereitungsturnier am Freitag

Posted 04 Oct 2011 — by admin
Category Resultate

Jan K 0 – 8 Frank F
Cornelius H 3 – 2 Horst L
Tom S 2 – 2 Thorsten B
Cornelius H 3 – 2 Jan K
Tom S 1 – 3 Frank F
Thorsten B 3 – 2 Horst L
Jan K 0 – 4 Tom S
Thorsten B 3 – 3 Cornelius H
Horst L 2 – 8 Frank F
Thorsten B 3 – 2 Jan K
Horst L 2 – 2 Tom S
Frank F 7 – 2 Cornelius H
Jan K 1 – 6 Horst L
Frank F 4 – 1 Thorsten B
Cornelius H 4 – 7 Tom S

Deutsche Meisterschaft 2011 Results

Posted 03 Oct 2011 — by admin
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We had two newbies this time:
Chris R (in the picture he is called Chris C-> Crazy Chris) and Torben W.

Group A

Cornelius H 1 – 7 Frank F
Thorsten B 5 – 3 Thomas Ni
Jan G 3 – 5 Jörg P
Heiko W 3 – 2 Tom S
Thorsten B 1 – 1 Cornelius H
Jan G 3 – 5 Frank F
Heiko W 6 – 1 Thomas Ni
Tom S 3 – 1 Jörg P
Cornelius H 3 – 4 Jan G
Heiko W 2 – 1 Thorsten B
Tom S 4 – 8 Frank F
Jörg P 7 – 1 Thomas Ni
Heiko W 1 – 2 Cornelius H
Tom S 6 – 3 Jan G
Jörg P 3 – 2 Thorsten B
Thomas Ni 1 – 8 Frank F
Cornelius H 1 – 2 Tom S
Jörg P 4 – 1 Heiko W
Thomas Ni 2 – 4 Jan G
Frank F 4 – 2 Thorsten B
Jörg P 4 – 2 Cornelius H
Thomas Ni 3 – 4 Tom S
Frank F 6 – 3 Heiko W
Thorsten B 3 – 1 Jan G
Cornelius H 3 – 1 Thomas Ni
Frank F 9 – 3 Jörg P
Thorsten B 5 – 3 Tom S
Jan G 0 – 4 Heiko W

Group B

Jan K 0 – 11 Oliver St
Wolf H 6 – 1 Chris R
Torben W 0 – 6 Peter K
Volker B 3 – 0 Horst L
Wolf H 3 – 1 Jan K
Torben W 0 – 15 Oliver St
Volker B 9 – 0 Chris R
Horst L 1 – 1 Peter K
Jan K 1 – 0 Torben W
Volker B 6 – 0 Wolf H
Horst L 1 – 9 Oliver St
Peter K 6 – 0 Chris R
Volker B 3 – 0 Jan K
Horst L 7 – 0 Torben W
Peter K 5 – 0 Wolf H
Chris R 0 – 19 Oliver St
Jan K 1 – 1 Horst L
Peter K 5 – 5 Volker B
Chris R 1 – 0 Torben W
Oliver St 9 – 0 Wolf H
Peter K 5 – 0 Jan K
Chris R 0 – 8 Horst L
Oliver St 9 – 0 Volker B
Wolf H 2 – 0 Torben W
Jan K 3 – 0 Chris R
Oliver St 9 – 2 Peter K
Wolf H 3 – 3 Horst L
Torben W 0 – 4 Volker B

Play Off
Frank F – Wolf H 8:0
Jörg P – Peter K 5:1
Volker B – Heiko W 4:5
Oliver St – Tom S 12:7

Frank F – Jörg P 4:3
Oliver St – Heiko W 5:3

Peter K – Wolf H 2:1
Volker B – Tom S 1:6

Play Down
Thorsten B – Torben W 9:0
Cornleius H – Chris R 8:0
Jan K – Jan G 1:2
Horst L – Thomas Ni 1:4

Thorsten B – Cornelius 3-1 extra time (1:1)
Jan G – Thomas Ni 1:0

Torben W – Chris R 1:2
Jan K – Horst L 1:4

Platz 15-16
Torben W – Jan K 0:3

Platz 13-14
Chris R – Horst L 0:4

Platz 11-12
Thomas Ni – Cornelius 1:4

Platz 9-10
Jan G – Thorsten B 4:2

Platz 7-8
Wolf H – Volker B 1:0

Platz 5-6
Peter K – Tom S 3:2

Platz 3-4
Jörg P – Heiko W 3:2

Frank F – Oliver St 4:3

Tournament at the Videospieltreffen in Leonberg

Posted 31 Jul 2011 — by admin
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At the Videospieltreffen we had a small tournament.

For the first time Michael E from Freiburg joined us. He is a experienced player, and we will see what will happen to his career.

The final result was, that he beat Jan K 10-0 !! But lost high angainst Frank and Thorsten

Final Table:

1. Frank F
2. Thorsten B
3. Michael E
4. Jan K

RMKO players did well at the Summertourny in Reichshof

Posted 03 Jul 2011 — by admin
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The tournament that was organised by Oliver St. was a good opportunity to meet the leading german players. 5 players were present: Oliver St, Frank F, Freddy B and Jan K.

After some friendlies with Oliver and Frank, Freddy arrived and we had some great self made Pizza.

Next Jan arrived with a huge suitcase. Inside he had his new Joystick, a selfmade arcade stick put inside a wooden case.

The tournament was quit successfull for the RMKO players:

  • Frank archieved place 2. After a bad start for him, he became stronger and stronger during the tournament and if he wouldn’t lose concentration in the determining game against Oliver when he was already 8-4 in the lead and only manage to score a 8-8 he would have won the tournament. But he beat Oliver once and was very close to another victory.
  • Thorsten repeated his strong performance from the last tournament and archieved place 3. He beates Freddy two times (first victory ever against him), had two draws against Frank and most important managed to eke out a draw against Oliver. In the last round he struggled a little bit, but in the end one of the best results ever
  • Jan was not able to play at the same level then the others, but he also enjoyed the tournament and he was able to test his new self made stick.

Then after the normal gossip we went home. We look forward for the next year issue of this nice and challenging tournament. Thanks to Oliver for hosting an his famous piety :-)

Hessische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2011 Ergebnisse

Posted 21 Mar 2011 — by admin
Category Resultate

Qualification Round
Juan S,3,Holger H,0,
Thorsten B,2,Horst L,2,
Frank F,11,Jan K,1,
Cornelius H,9,Mark F,0,
Oliver St,7,Volker B,2,
Joerg S,1,Joerg D,0,
Thorsten B,6,Juan S,1,
Frank F,11,Holger H,0,
Cornelius H,2,Horst L,1,
Oliver St,11,Jan K,0,
Joerg S,2,Mark F,0,
Joerg D,1,Volker B,8,
Juan S,0,Frank F,10,
Cornelius H,2,Thorsten B,4,
Oliver St,10,Holger H,0,
Joerg S,0,Horst L,3,
Joerg D,0,Jan K,3,
Volker B,7,Mark F,0,
Cornelius H,5,Juan S,0,
Oliver St,4,Frank F,3,
Joerg S,0,Thorsten B,7,
Joerg D,0,Holger H,1,
Volker B,3,Horst L,2,
Mark F,1,Jan K,2,
Juan S,1,Oliver St,9,
Joerg S,0,Cornelius H,9,
Joerg D,0,Frank F,11,
Volker B,3,Thorsten B,3,
Mark F,1,Holger H,1,
Jan K,1,Horst L,6,
Joerg S,2,Juan S,1,
Joerg D,0,Oliver St,16,
Volker B,3,Cornelius H,4,
Mark F,0,Frank F,11,
Jan K,0,Thorsten B,5,
Horst L,6,Holger H,0,
Juan S,3,Joerg D,0,
Volker B,7,Joerg S,0,
Mark F,0,Oliver St,22,
Jan K,0,Cornelius H,7,
Horst L,0,Frank F,8,
Holger H,0,Thorsten B,10,
Volker B,4,Juan S,2,
Mark F,1,Joerg D,0,
Jan K,0,Joerg S,0,
Horst L,1,Oliver St,10,
Holger H,0,Cornelius H,10,
Thorsten B,3,Frank F,7,
Juan S,1,Mark F,1,
Jan K,1,Volker B,5,
Horst L,5,Joerg D,0,
Holger H,1,Joerg S,2,
Thorsten B,0,Oliver St,7,
Frank F,10,Cornelius H,1,
Jan K,2,Juan S,2,
Horst L,10,Mark F,0,
Holger H,0,Volker B,5,
Thorsten B,11,Joerg D,0,
Frank F,11,Joerg S,0,
Cornelius H,1,Oliver St,11,
Juan S,0,Horst L,5,
Holger H,0,Jan K,0,
Thorsten B,5,Mark F,0,
Frank F,10,Volker B,4,
Cornelius H,9,Joerg D,0,
Oliver St,11,Joerg S,0,

Qualification round table

Fun Cup
Joerg S,0,Joerg D,0,
Mark F,1,Jan K,7,
Holger H,0,Juan S,0,
Mark F,0,Joerg S,0,
Holger H,0,Joerg D,3,
Juan S,2,Jan K,2,
Joerg S,1,Holger H,0,
Juan S,1,Mark F,1,
Jan K,3,Joerg D,0,
Juan S,3,Joerg S,0,
Jan K,1,Holger H,1,
Joerg D,0,Mark F,0,
Joerg S,0,Jan K,3,
Joerg D,1,Juan S,2,
Mark F,1,Holger H,2,

Fun Cup Table

Game for the 1st position in the seeding
Oliver St – Frank F 11-0

Thorsten B – Volker B 0-2
Cornelius H – Horst L 3-4

Half Final
Volker B – Oliver St 4-5
Frank F – Horst L 5-1

Game for place 5
Cornelius H – Thorsten B 3-8

Game for place 3
Horst L – Volker B 1-4

Oliver St – Frank F 2-1

Hessische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft Bilder

Posted 21 Mar 2011 — by admin
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Hessische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2011 Mitternachtsturnier Ergebnisse

Posted 21 Mar 2011 — by admin
Category Resultate

Volker B,1,Frank F,5,
Jan K,2,Thorsten B,7,
Frank F,6,Thorsten B,0,
Frank F,7,Jan K,0,
Thorsten B,1,Volker B,0,
Volker B,2,Jan K,0,


Jörg D did not participate but slept on the couch, so Jan finished fourth

Newyears eve kick 2011 – Neujahrskick 2011

Posted 08 Jan 2011 — by admin
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Once again we follow our tradition “Kick Off statt Böller” (no rockets but Kick Off). This time we did not hesitate and first watch some movies, but after a while it was time for a Kick Off tournament.

The participants:

  • Frank  F
  • Thorsten B
  • Jan K
  • Jörg D

Like every year, I first played agaisnt Jan. And once again I managed to score the first Goal in 2011. I won 4-1. After the first goal 2011, I did the first evil lob (3-0) followed by Jan’s first goal 2011 (3-1) and my first Jawohl goal 2011.

The rest of the tournament was without any suprise.

Here the results:
Jan K,-1,Thorsten B,-1
Joerg D,0,Frank F,15
Joerg D,-1,Jan K,-1
Frank F,-1,Thorsten B,-1
Jan K,1,Frank F,11
Thorsten B,3,Joerg D,0
Thorsten B,4,Jan K,1
Frank F,-1,Joerg D,-1
Jan K,2,Joerg D,0
Thorsten B,1,Frank F,4
Frank F,-1,Jan K,-1
Joerg D,-1,Thorsten B,-1

And here the final table:

Some photos

1. Baden Wuerttembergische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft – impressions

Posted 03 Oct 2010 — by admin
Category Eindrücke

The tournament took place at the Classic Computing 2010 in Altensteig / Schwarzwald (Black Forest). The meeting is the anual club meeting of a club that preserves old computers.

We enjoyed the tournament a lot cause this time, we build up only one computer. That means, that while two players were playing, the others watched the game and commented it :-)

Frank F
The best german player was a class of it’s own again. Well deserved victory.

Horst L
When I play against Horst, I’m able to dominate the game, but each mistake is normaly a gaol. Horst is really a tough guy when it comes to score a goal. When he played against the two Jörg’s, he was able to score some nice goals, that shows he increasing variety in the offence.

Jörg S
Jörg scored the highest victory ever: 4-1 against Jörg D. Concratulation.

Jörg D
Jörg did his first Victory! 2-0 against Jörg S. Concratulation