Hessian Kick Off Championship 2010 – results

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Posted 11 Apr 2010 in Resultate, Turnier

1st Round: (everybody played against everybody)

Juan S,0,Frank F,8,
Thorsten B,2,Volker B,6,
Jan K,0,Cornelius H,7,
Horst L,3,Carsten P,1,
Thorsten B,8,Juan S,0,
Jan K,2,Frank F,7,
Horst L,1,Volker B,4,
Carsten P,2,Cornelius H,3,
Juan S,1,Jan K,0,
Horst L,0,Thorsten B,2,
Carsten P,2,Frank F,9,
Cornelius H,1,Volker B,6,
Horst L,1,Juan S,0,
Carsten P,4,Jan K,1,
Cornelius H,3,Thorsten B,2,
Volker B,1,Frank F,4,
Juan S,0,Carsten P,5,
Cornelius H,1,Horst L,2,
Volker B,3,Jan K,4,
Frank F,4,Thorsten B,2,
Cornelius H,4,Juan S,0,
Volker B,3,Carsten P,3,
Frank F,10,Horst L,0,
Thorsten B,2,Jan K,2,
Juan S,1,Volker B,3,
Frank F,11,Cornelius H,2,
Thorsten B,2,Carsten P,0,
Jan K,0,Horst L,1,

2nd Round (Gold and Silber Cup)

Player 1-4 from the 1st round played a gold cup and player 5-8 a silber cup

Gold Cup

Cornelius H,2,Horst L,1,
Frank F,4,Volker B,4,
Frank F,9,Cornelius H,0,
Volker B,5,Horst L,0,
Cornelius H,3,Volker B,7,
Horst L,3,Frank F,7,
Horst L,3,Cornelius H,3,
Volker B,1,Frank F,10,
Cornelius H,3,Frank F,9,
Horst L,2,Volker B,6,
Volker B,2,Cornelius H,2,
Frank F,6,Horst L,3,

Silber Cup

Juan S,0,Jan K,1,
Thorsten B,3,Carsten P,3,
Thorsten B,7,Juan S,2,
Carsten P,1,Jan K,0,
Juan S,0,Carsten P,0,
Jan K,1,Thorsten B,8,
Jan K,2,Juan S,0,
Carsten P,5,Thorsten B,1,
Juan S,0,Thorsten B,4,
Jan K,3,Carsten P,2,
Carsten P,5,Juan S,0,
Thorsten B,2,Jan K,1,

2nd round: silver cup

3rd Round : Quarter final

Place 1 and 2 of the gold cup were qualified for the half final. They were free to play a Gold Game, to decide who is number 1 and number 2 in the half final, but both players did not wanted to play such a Gold game.

Thorsten B – Horst L 4-0 , 5-2
Carsten P – Cornelius H 4-2, 3-2

4th round: Half final

Frank F – Thorsten B 5-0 , 9-0
Volker B – Carsten P 3-0 , 7-3

5th round: Finals

Game of Shame

Juan S – Jan K 0:0 , 1-1 penalty shooting: 2-1

Game for the 5th place

Horst L – Cornelius H 3-2

Game for the 3rd place

Carsten P – Thorsten B 2-2 penalty shooting 4-1

Frank F – Volker B 11-2

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