Hessian Kick Off Champs 2010 impressions

Posted 11 Apr 2010 in Eindrücke

The modus

We tried out something new with the gold and silver group in round 2, and it was a great success. The idea of this modus was to have more games between players of the same level, and exactly that happened. Also interesting, that both silver cup players later beat the gold cup players in the quarter final, so they stayed in the tournament longer even that they played in the silver cup.

The new KOA version 1.0.4

The new version is really nice to play. In the end most of us decide, that yes,yes,yes is a nice selection. Many thanks to Steve and all the others who made this enhancements possible.

The players

Frank F

He was once again a class of it’s own. But there were less double digit results this time, so even that he is far ahead of the others, all the others learn from him.

Volker B

He played as expected. In the final it was hard for him to loose with a double digit result.

Carsten P

While he started badly in the first round and had some surprising resuls in the silver cup, finally he managed to win against his Siebengebirge team mate Cornelius and then beat Thorsten, so that he will be very happy with the result. Rumours said, that he will remind Cornelius from time to time on the cup he won for the 3rd place :-)

Thorsten B

After some up and downs in both the first round and the silver cup, the quarter final against Horst when both played for the 2nd cup in the internal RMKO tournament, he showed his power. Also beside the first won against Carsten, 2 other great fights against Carsten in the silver cup and the game for the 3rd place.

Horst L

The new star on the german kick off sky. Ranked 5th in his first big tournament is a great success. Also a great game against Cornelius. Scoring 3 goals at the end was a big fight. Will be interesting to see his further results.

Cornelius H

After great results at the beginning of the tournament, in the end maybe the luck was missing.

Juan S

His efforts to become a better player showed some success. In the game of shame he was the more active player.

Jan K

Even that the silver cup was the best tournament even for Jan and also the victory against Volker in the first round, in the end he became schamie. That’s a pitty. In the game of shame he had some problems to use his better gameplay to dictate the game, so in


  1. FrankF

    It is always hard to be cool, when you are expected to win the tournament. As -I personally- expected, the hardest games were the first against Thorsten and Volker (3-2 and 4-4 with a 4-1 lead and two red cards by Volker). But as the tournament went on, I became more confident and proved me strength – especially in the semifinals and the final itself – sorry, Volker, for beating you with a double digit. But everything I tried in the final against him worked out and added to my score.
    It was a great tournament with a happy ending.
    Thanks to Thorsten for his hospitality and for organizing it perfectly.


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