STOT #3/13 ThorN 21

Super Cars II 21 points

New round STOT #3/13: Super Cars II

Yesterday STOT started with a new round, we play Super Cars II for the next two weeks.

Super Cars II

ThorN wins round #3/12 Bubble Ghost +

This time I have to concratulate myself. I scored late and was able to beat Xerus.Not only I scored late, but also Andrew who earned a good 3rd place for his score.

ThorN’s opinion on: Bubble Ghost + The game is one of my favorites I have to say. The game play is really unique. [...]

STOT #3/12 ThorN 232900

STOT #3/12 ThorN 217900

STOT #3/12 ThorN 75600

Scored 75600. Reached Level 11. Really a brilliant gameplay.

Xerus wins round #3/11 Switchblade 2

Again we had trouble with the forum. But since we successfully started this blog, this will not be a problem anymore in the future I hope.

Concratulation Xerus. Due to some training session, SSB and ThorN were able to archive a great score and was on the feets of the master.

ThorN’s opinion on: Switchblade [...]

New round STOT #3/12: Bubble Ghost +

Today STOT starts with a new round, we play Bubble + for the next two weeks.

Bubble + (Atari ST)

STOT #3/11 ThorN 170500

Finally I managed to win against the first boss. The tactic was to get behind him and then nonstop fireing on him