New round: STOT #3/15: Lethal Xcess

We now play:

Name Lethal Xcess Link to Atarimania

STOT #3/14 ThorN 66908


STOT #3/14 ThorN 30676


STOT #3/14 ThorN 16047


STOT #3/14 ThorN 8998

Atarimania link established

Since the beginning of season #3 we have a partnership with Atarimania, who support the actual STOT games with pictures, downloads, advertisements etc.

Marakatti who is also a long term participant of the STOT is responsible for the ST section of Atarimania and did a great job so far as the also the rest [...]

New video channel is online

On the left side you find now a link to our new video channel on “Miro”

As the first entry a video of level 1 of Super Cars 2 was added.

New round STOT #3/14: Dugger

We now play:

Name Dugger Link to Atarimania

Xerus wins round #3/13: Super Cars 2

Concratulation Xerus, he dominates the whole Round, and 40 points is a great result, cause winning all 7 round gets you 35 points. SSB also fought hard, but ThorN was one point better in medium level. For the first time, we multiplized the points depending on the level a player choosed. This is a interesting [...]

STOT #3/13 ThorN 32