ThorN scores 41600 in Pang (Difficulty: very Difficult)

My first score: 41600

Difficulty: very Difficult

New STOT Classics round: #1/1 Pang

A new round of STOTClassics  has started.

We now play Pang. Tournament will end at the 31th of July 2011

You could play all levels of difficulty you like. But you have to mention the difficulty in your post.

Name Pang Link to Atarimania

No cheats, no passwords.


ThorN scores 2’36’4 in Turbo Cup (STOT #4/12)

Finally I was able to be Dal’s great score of 2’38’0 at Many Cours. I started with a 1’20’4 in the Quali. That meant 2nd at the start. Top speed into curve on and I entered the pole. Only made one mistake and alsways stayed on top. Finally after 2’36’4 I finished first.


STOT #4/12: Turbo Cup

A new round of STOT has started and ir is racing time again. We now play Turbo Cup for 3 weeks:

Name Turbo Cup Link to Atarimania

No cheats, no passwords. We start playing the first track.