Thorn scores 241100 (easy) in Pang (STOT Classics #1/1)

Thors scores 226650 in Pang (very difficult) – STOT classics (#1/1)

STOT #4/15 Stormtrooper

A new round of STOT has started on Saturday 23th. We now play Stormtrooper for the upcoming 3 weeks:

Name Stormtrooper Link to Atarimania

No cheats, no passwords as usual.

Thorn wins STOT #4/14 Road Blasters

Thorn has won round 14 season 4 at STOT on this Saturday.


1. ThorN 972088 2. Xerus 893192 3. Marakatti 312602 4. SSB 300814 5. Dal 210002

Congratulations to Thorn and thanks to all participants! Next game will be Stormtrooper!

SSB scores 167000 at Pang (Level: “very difficult”)

SSB scored 167000 at Pang today, level “very difficult”

SSB scored 167000 at Pang (Atari ST, level "very difficult")

Thorn scores 972088 in Roadblasters (STOT #4/14)

SSB scores 300814 at Roadblasters

Score: 300814

SSB scores 300814 at Roadblasters (Atari ST)

ThorN scores 205256 points in RoadBlasters (STOT #4/14)

Simon Sunnyboy scores 48900 at Pang (Level “Very difficult”)

Another score for the STOT classics #1 game, Pang.

Score 48900, played at difficulty “very difficult”, start at Tokio.

SSB scores 48900 at Pang











Simon Sunnyboy scores 245936 at Road Blasters

Score: 245936

Starting from Round 4

SSB scored 245936 at Road Blasters (Atari ST)