About us

The Atari ST Offline Tournament (STOT) was founded by ChrisTOS and ThorN in August 2007.

Both had an IRC session on #atariscne, and Christos made the proposal to start such an ST Offline Tournament. The STOT was born.

The contest is held at the site www.atari-forum.com due to the large number of atari st gamers that are present at this forum. It’s a board of threads where people post their scores for a previously selected game. The tournament is devided into seasons and rounds. A season is normaly a year or a period of a year, and a round is a competition in one game.

The one with the most points at the end of a round that take a week or two is the winner. Depending on the place you reached in the round, you get points for the season tournament table. At the end of the season the best player is the champion. Scores will be posted to the thread.

Cause people usually know each other, cheating is possible, but it is no problem in reality. It’s a good style to add a picture of the score, but it’s not nessecary to do so.