Vendor of UltraSatan devices

The UltraSatan SD card reader for Atari ST computers allows to use SD cards  as Atari ST harddisk partitions, has 2 SD card slots and is hotswappable, e.q. you can remove the second card while the device is powered and replaced it with a different card.

UltraSatan device

It can be ordered here:

The whole design [...]

Atari-Forum accepts donations via PayPal

The ST Offline Tournament silently used the infrastructure of for several years now.

All STOT players can now give something back as Atari-Forum accepts donations via PayPal now.

Donations should go to: donate -at-


Atari-Forum is back online

Atari-Forum Logo

Atari-Forum is back online. However all data since beginning of December 2010 has been lost including any scores and updates for Hacman and Torvak The Warrior. Let’s hope it stay up from now.

Big thanks to Dal for managing to bring the backup online!