over 100k in Millipede for the VzEkC

a “score” (49378) for Centipede (VCS 2600) on the VzEkC board


I could do much better, but the game does not motivates anymore after I felt in love with Millipede. But the score to beat was 35k.

þorN scores 2600 points in River Raid II on the Atari 2600

I like the game, so I started a highscore round at the forum of the VzEkC (Club for preservation of old computers)

Scored 30460 in Seaquest (Atari VCS) in a VzEcK Highscore Forum


125640 points in Arkanoid at the VzEkC Highscore board

Playing with teh Trackball is new to me, but I make progress. Passed Level 10 already.

86740 points in Arkanoid at the VzEkC Highscore board

Just found out, that there is a version of Gyruss for the VCS 2600

I was walking through the list of VCS games when I suddenly saw Gyruss. I really love this game, and played it a lot on the Atari XL and the C64. So I tried it out to see what the VCS version is about.

Learn more at the Gaming Wiki

Maybe my difficulty level was to low, but the game was very easy. I have to try it with a higher difficulty level again. The graphics are not bad for a VCS 2600 and the game really feels like Gyruss. Will give it another try in the next days.

Mittwinter Meeting 2012 Kirchen / D



The way retro gamers do online gaming

It’s easy, you buy a actual console, go online via WLAN, plug in your wireless headset, also a usb camera, and you are ready to play online with your friends from all around the world. Too easy for real retro gamers.

Today we played Champions of Norrath on the PS2 with 3-4 people. My setup:

1) Turn on the PS3, invite Player 2, later chat via the PS3 with him

2) Switch the monitor to the PS2, setup Champions of Norrath.

3) Setup a Skype confernce with Player 3 and Player 4 (had no copy of CoN, ordered it in the conference)

So while playing I had to switch 2 headsets to speak with all players, and I had 2 consoles running and 1 PC.

But it worked, a lot of Orks aren’t with us any more.

The end of an era is a begine of a new epoche?

Today I ordered a PS3. So when it arrives I could delete the word “retro” from my definition of myself called “retro gamer”. Then I’m a real gamer :-) The PS3 is mainstream and not retro at all (at least until the PS4 arrives, but I wanted to participate in the mainstream to see something new. We will see what will happen. I saw Demon Souls some weeks aga at a friend of mine, so this is my first game I ordered. Interesting will be to do other things with these multimedia machine like Emulators and Videos. Also interesting will be to see what’s going on in Sony Network.

Hail the mainstream