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STOT #3/15 Lethal Xcess 621217

In the actual STOT round we play Lethal Xcess, a cult shooter on the ST. The game is technical really brilliant. Well It does not have the same Wow effect as Xenon II for example, but it’s a fast game (so far) and the “yes, another try” spirit is present.

Uknown itarianess got new shoes

Which women would wear such shoes?

ZX 500

Maybe this one!

Frau Butschke, wer'n das?

Good bye Breakpoint

The last Breakpoint was also a end of a chapter of my live. The post Atari party era is at it’s end.


All men play on 10!

Some days ago finally I managed to score 10 goals against the Computer. It was the first game I did using the TFT TV unit I found in the cellar. It took me nearly 5 years of Kick Off training to reach on of my aims. A long time, but it “Ende gut, alles gut” (in the end everything is fine).

10 goals against the computer