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New high in Erik the Viking: 66650

New Stot round: Erik the Viking

A nice jump and run. The levels are short but challenging.

My first score 39500

My first SWOS medal

SWOS = Sensible World of Soccer

Donatus Cup 2010 – PC-SWOS 96/97 – 12. Platz

V.I.P. 2010

Last weekend I was at the V.I.P. demoscene party in the near of Lyon in France.

twh / taos joined me. We were 1,5 days on the road and one day at the party, but it was a very nice and relaxing party. Beside going to Lyon to have look around, we also found time, to play some old Atari XL classics like Wizard of Wor and The great American country cross race.

Unfortunately I was to tired to see the compos (damned).

But I also found time to compile Lua 5.0.3 for mint, and now also the os.execute function words when it is compiled with gcc.

Here some Pictures

[Gallery not found]

My latest Cybernoid score for the STOT

I managed to get into Level 2 of Cybernoid. The gameplay is really challenging and it’s still a great fun. The graphics are great and the sound is brilliant. Of course it would have been nice, to change the graphics in the different levels, but well we also have Cybernoid II :-)

My current score is: 121780