Kick Off 2 World Cup 2010

Last weekend the Kick Off 2 World Cup 2010 took place in Düsseldorf. I gave the organizers some 1600 euro to pay some bills so I was glad that so many people (46) appeared and I got my money back :-)

Volker collects the entrance fee

Volker collects the entrance fee


It was great to meet a lot of friends and to have a lot of challenging matches.

I reached place 28 and for the first time ever (in my 5th try) I reached the silver cup (2nd league). After the desasterous result the week before at the German Championship (place 7 of 9) this was a great success and I’m total satisfied with the result.

Thanks to Volker who organized the social events on Friday, I had a good Currywurst as a start into the weekend, a nice boat tour on the river Rhine (Rhein) and an interesting brewery tour in an Altbier brewery (Schlüssel). That was a lot for only one day. Also the meal in the “Schlüssel” was great, especially the “Rote Grütze” at the end.

An der Wurstbude

At day one, I managed to win my 3rd game, so I was relaxed early and manged to win another 3 matches. Thats a great result. In the evening I also had a great time with the Hamburg and Osnabrück guys. Funny was our try to do a midnight tournament. After 4 games out of 6 two joysticks did not work anymore, so we had to stop. But we had a good time and laught a lot also about the problems with the sticks.

At day two, I won the first 2 games in a row, unvelievable, It took me years to reach the silber cup and what happens: I win !!! In the end I won 3 games in the first round. In the KO-round, I lost the two rounds, even that I won some games, but in the end place 28 was great. Damned fucking great. Jawohl!!

The medals

Another highlite was the appearance of Steve Screetch, the graphician and creator of Kick Off 2. A great moment to meet him. He is such a friendly guy, it was a pleasure. I also will never forget the Narrow Angle Goal I scored against him. My goal against one of the creators of Kick Off, a dream came true.

Finally, after hours of waiting it was also nice to see a unforgetable finale and a new champion (Dagh N).

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  1. Marc says:

    Sounds like a great event, and scoring against Mr Screech? Bravo! That would be like me punching Archer Maclean in the nuts during a game of IK+.

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