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The way retro gamers do online gaming

It’s easy, you buy a actual console, go online via WLAN, plug in your wireless headset, also a usb camera, and you are ready to play online with your friends from all around the world. Too easy for real retro gamers.

Today we played Champions of Norrath on the PS2 with 3-4 people. My setup:

1) Turn on the PS3, invite Player 2, later chat via the PS3 with him

2) Switch the monitor to the PS2, setup Champions of Norrath.

3) Setup a Skype confernce with Player 3 and Player 4 (had no copy of CoN, ordered it in the conference)

So while playing I had to switch 2 headsets to speak with all players, and I had 2 consoles running and 1 PC.

But it worked, a lot of Orks aren’t with us any more.