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Changes in the Hardware park

I give away two of my Amiga at the HomeCon 6. First of all a Amiga 2000. I bought the machine from a college some 5-6 years ago. It was a Amiga with 2 Disks drives, and it served since then as my main Kick Off maschine. The maschine was really great. It could play Kick off without any problems, what else you wanted to have.

The machine itself is ugly, it feels like a PC and beside the big Amiga Label, it looks like a PC. So finally I came to the decision, to play with my other Amigas and gave this one away.

I also gave  away my A500. I never wanted to buy it, but when I bought my A1200, the seller gave no power supply away with the A1200, so I had to buy a A500 as well only for the power supply. The machine also served well during the Kick Off German championship 2006, that’s why it had a Kick Off label.

Beside the A600 I bought last week, I got more new machines I planed before at the HomeCon 6. First I changed a Coleco steering wheel for the colecovision against a Interton VC4000 console, only that Hessi could finally get rid of it. But it’s the only German gamin console ever produced (maybe the new OpenPandora could count as Number 2), and it looks good on top of my shoes board.

Before I went to the HomeCon, I went to my neighbor  to get the Boxes of the A600 and 1084S monitor I bought last week. There I found a Sega Saturn, with US power supply and no game (beside a Dreamcast one) and no controllers.

Finally in exchange for the A2000 and some extra money I  got a Atari 5200 with some :-) extras. I always wanted to have a 5200, so I’m really happy to have it. Next I need some time to get into the system.

My first Kick Off online game

After realisising, that I had autofire on, I finally got into the game. Andy let me practise palying (so I more or less played alone) and I managed to score 4 goals. It’s total different to normal Kick Off, but It seems to be funny.

The Amiga arrives in the media rack

Today I ordered my media rack:


- Amiga CD32:

Left the rack:

- A Falcon 030: Therefor I will put some time to get MF and Frog up and running at the main desk.

The first game I played on the CD32 was Sensible Soccer:

Seems that the austrian curse followed me :-) Lost 1-2 against the Färoer Islands. At least Klinsmann scored the 1:0.

My start in the holidays

Today I finally begin a two week holidays, and I started with playing a old Amiga game I found in the cupboard. The name is Borobodur. I have it in the cupboards for many years, but never played it. So it was time to give it a try. Cause the publisher Thalamus has a good name as far as I know, I exspected a nice game.

But the game really suxx in my opinion. First of all the loading was endless. Then the Intro was really boaring, or at least the part I watched. Then the game was also boaring, so I played it only once.

The levels of the game should be different is written on the box, but I only saw level 1. There you have to jump and run around, but the action is not motivating at all.

So my holidays could only become better

Aviendha is baptized

I just got the clue which name is the best for my Amiga 4000/30. I will call it Aviendha. Thas a character from the Wheel of time novel from Robert Jordan (R.I.P.)

Aviendha is a doughter of the spear of the Aiel people. And the name sounds slightly the same than Amiga.