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New high in Turbo Cup: 2’36’4

Finally I was able to be Dal’s great score of 2’38’0 at Many Cours. I started with a 1’20’4 in the Quali. That meant 2nd at the start. Top speed into curve on and I entered the pole. Only made one mistake and alsways stayed on top. Finally after 2’36’4 I finished first.

Won the track in Turbo Cup (STOT #4/12)

After a hard fight, car by car in the last curve and until we crossed the line, I finally won the “Magny Cours” track. My time was 2’43’2. Not bad. Found out, that driving at the edge of the track does not slow me down and It saves time in the curves.

79500 points in Torvak the Warrior (STOT)

Torvak the warrior the new STOT game (#4/5)

This round we play Torvak the Warrior. It’s a misspelled ThorN the Warrior but that’s another story :-) You are a barbaric warrior with a huge axe and you jump and run through some levels, thats the game.

My first score: 49200

New STOT round: Mrs. Munchie

This time we play a PD classic from 1992. The game was done by Robert Dytmire and the graphics are by Dave Munsie.

My first score: 160’200

New New Zealand Story Highscore at the WGL

At the november issue of the WGL all players did greate scores. I managed to increase my highscore to 75622

The other scores:

FrankF 34816
Wizard 27200
NAFCOM 24150

STOT #4/3: New Zealand Story

Now we are playing New Zealand Story. It’s a nice jump and run from the arcade. My first score: 43266

Neue Highscore in Enduro Racer

After many tries, I finally did a new high in Enduro Racer, the actual STOT game.

I scored 20’082’089

I still do not understand how the scoring system works. The fast I was the less points I got. Strange. Maybe Xerus video will help. Will watch it tomorrow

First Enduro Racer Score in the actual STOT round

Got 19’803’789 points (4’03’22 minutes). Also my first play through since ages, cause there are only 5 tracks.

Made it to level 7 in Return to Genesis

Level 6 is a hard level, but like most hard levels, if you mastered it, you know the key. Fly slowly and shoot all enemies, thats it, easy said, but you have to be concentrated.

Therefor you will see some really nice graphics in Level 7, so it’s worth to try again and again :-)