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MF is back in the net again

MF (Millenium Falcon), my beloved Falcon 030 is now back online. I replaced the IDE drive by a IDE memory block of 4 GB and so I had to reinstall Mint. After the update, I copied all my TOS stuff back from my Iomega ZIP disks. So the network itself was running yesterday already, but Highwire was not working. I read on SSB’s blog that he figured around with the gluestick configuration, so I remembered, that ChrisTOS once told me how to configure the right highwire module. Thanks to his advices, today I was able to browse also in the web, so the migration of the IDE HD is finished now.

Thanks to SSB and ChrisTOS

retrothemen #08/2010


Finally the new Blog at is ready to use. Also the flyer is finished and will be used at the next meetings. The Forum seems to be up again, and the actual game: Switchblade II is a great game.

I managed to score 79800 so far, being a little bit behind Xerus and SSB.


The flyer is also finished, as well as a slideshow of pictures, I bought a digital photo frame for. Looks nice, and a lot of greate memories. During my trainings I manged a new record in scored goals: I did a 9-3 against the computer.


Also the WGL flyer is finished.


I started to play Dragon Blade on the Wii. It’s a nice game due to the wii controls of the light sword.

Millenium Falcon

Not long ago MF was looking really bad. But now finally the new case is finished and also a new Disk drive is build in. Next will be to replace the big network card by a Hydra, I will get from SSB next week.

MF near death

MF reborn

It could only be better in 2010 for my best friend MF

Thorn to pieces :-)

MF before the reborn

But a falcon is wll known for rising from the ashes!

I will put it in a new case. But before I have to install a new HD (the one top left) to replace the old one, who does not fit into the original case.

Also have to replace the Floppy

Mini camera works fine with the screeneye inside my Falcon

Last NAS (allready nearly one year ago :-) PeP told me, that there are smal cameras, that could be pluged in the old connector the screeneye has. And he also send me one of these cameras not much later. And now finally I found some time to build it in!

The Camera PeP send to me now finally was build in

I waited so long, cause there is allways the fear, that it not works, and all the ideas for it are gone. I need the camera to get some photos of people who wants to take part in a Grenzüberschreitungs Competition if I organize one. So far I had the Falcon and the game with me, and somebody with a PC need to transfer the pics from a digital camera fist to a computer, and from there to the falcon.

Now I could do that with my Falcon only. That’s great. Many thanks PeP. I hope I organize a Grenzüberschreitung competition again soon, to test it.

A nice face, a nice tool and a nice comuter. Camera is working

All you need is the screeneye driver and Apex media test of a new Falcon ramcard from Lynxman

At the AC, Lynxman gave me a prototype of his 14 MB ramcard for the Falcon. The reason I should test it, was to find out, if it works fine with the Centurbo I ev.3 build in Millienium Falcon.

Now some days later while I just was doing some hardware stuff together with Newa, Lynxman appears in the chat, and it was the right time, to test the card.

It took only a few moments to replace the good old CentRam 14, who is the fastes available ramcard I knew so far. I remembered, that once I had another normal ramcard inside, and because it was not fast enough, I had some bit errors in the screen.

Afer a long time, the CentRam 14 was build out again

So after I replace the CentRam 14 with the new one, I turned it on and everything was fine. So this ramcard by Lynxman is a real good one, and I hope that people will enjoy the final version soon.

Now the Lynxman Ramcard is inside and works fine. Then it replaced it by the CentRam again

Now I use JayMSA to extract disk Images

Thanks to ChrisTOS, I now found out, that JayMSA could also extract .st images to disks. That was pretty helpfull to extract the Metrocross disk Image, to compete in the STOT on a real ATARI

FTP client finally works

Cause Christos explained me the use of GlueStiK, I got finally Litchi to run on MF. Next will be to install it on Frog as well.

Litchi is a ftp client done by Rajah Lone. GlueStiK is a bridge that enables MintNet to be StiK compatible.