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retrothemen #08/2010


Finally the new Blog at is ready to use. Also the flyer is finished and will be used at the next meetings. The Forum seems to be up again, and the actual game: Switchblade II is a great game.

I managed to score 79800 so far, being a little bit behind Xerus and SSB.


The flyer is also finished, as well as a slideshow of pictures, I bought a digital photo frame for. Looks nice, and a lot of greate memories. During my trainings I manged a new record in scored goals: I did a 9-3 against the computer.


Also the WGL flyer is finished.


I started to play Dragon Blade on the Wii. It’s a nice game due to the wii controls of the light sword.

Millenium Falcon

Not long ago MF was looking really bad. But now finally the new case is finished and also a new Disk drive is build in. Next will be to replace the big network card by a Hydra, I will get from SSB next week.

MF near death

MF reborn

Happy new Kick Off year / Frohes neues Kick Off Jahr

Like 2 years ago Jan K and I met at newjears eve, to score the  first goal in 2010. At the KO Gathering board I tried to place some bets to become a rich man, but others could do betting tricks better than me

So after some hours of Kick Off training, some 2-3 minutes after midnight we started the game. I had kick off, and shame on me, I did a Kick Off lob and it wors, and the question was answered after 4 seconds:

First Kick Off scorer 2010: Thorsten B

First Kick Off goal 2010

But then Jan K who boast the turbo and scored 2 goals in a row. So the

First halftime winner of 2010: Jan K

Jan K's first Kick Off goal 2010

In the second half I really had to fight, but I managed a 3-2 victory in the end:

First Kick Off game winner 2010: Thorsten B

First victory 2010

After this historical moment, we need a Kick Off break and tried out some other football games.

We already played Pro Evolution Soccer 09 on the Wii I got some days before, but we failed in the second trainings session :-( . But the game looks cool, and I have to spend some more time on it.

With PES09 I also got Fifa 09, to train for the upcomming World greates Shamie tournament with WGS Andreas K. After we found out, that the good old Game Cube controllers works much better then the Wii controller, we had some nice games. Jan K scored the only goal, a penalty, but beside that we were able to get into the game a bit.

Now it was time for some football break. We load Steve Cambers Dogfight on my STE.


Last but not least, we played Sensible Soccer on the CD32. So I could say:

First Sensible soccer goal 2010: Thorsten B (own goal made by a North Ireland striker against the Republic of Irland)

Later I scored 3 real goals with Northern Irleand!

Now we had some comparissons to Kick Off, so it was time to play it again, cause Kick Off is still our favorite.

So a happy new year to all of you who read this, a lot of fair :-) matches in 2010.

Nikolaus Kick Off Turnier 009

Cause it is Santa Clause day today, as a price I gave away a Santa Claus boot (traditional german stuff on Santa Claus day).

The prize

the prize, some chocolate

While the training starts with a big suprise, I won 3 of the first 4 games against Frank, and even the other game was a draw, during the tournament the normal results appeared.

Jan K – Frank 1-7

Thorsten B – Jan K 6-0

Frank F – Thorsten B 6-3

Frank F – Jan K 7-1

A nice photo

Jan K – Thorsten B 2-5

Thorsten B – Frank F 1-5

Result as (nearly) always

Final Table

1. Frank F

2. Thorsten B

3 Jan K

So Frank was once against the best and get the official Wiesbaden Santa Claus Boot


The winner

After the tounament we did some more training, and now I also know, that the blue team still is weaker than the yellow team. Next time only two games against each other.

Beside the Kick Off, we had some good food from the Milan House (Mailand Haus) a take away service from Wiesbaden, and we test my new CD32.

1. Wiesbadener Stadtmeisterschaft

We played a first tournament, while were waiting for Volker to arrive. He had to work, so later he joined the tournament.

Fank F,8,Andreas Kl,1,
Oliver St,10,Jan K,1,
Oliver St,3,Thorsten B,0,
Jan K,2,Andreas Kl,1,
Jan K,1,Fank F,8,
Andreas Kl,0,Thorsten B,4,
Andreas Kl,0,Oliver St,12,
Thorsten B,3,Fank F,1,
Thorsten B,3,Jan K,0,
Fank F,3,Oliver St,3,
Andreas Kl,0,Fank F,16,
Jan K,1,Oliver St,9,
Thorsten B,1,Oliver St,4,
Andreas Kl,0,Jan K,0,
Fank F,13,Jan K,0,
Thorsten B,4,Andreas Kl,0,
Oliver St,12,Andreas Kl,0,
Fank F,8,Thorsten B,0,
Jan K,0,Thorsten B,2,
Oliver St,5,Fank F,3,


After Volker arrived, Oliver had to leave, so here ist the main tournament:

Frank F,5,Jan K,0,
Volker B,6,Andreas Kl,0,
Volker B,3,Thorsten B,0,
Andreas Kl,1,Jan K,0,
Andreas Kl,0,Frank F,5,
Jan K,0,Thorsten B,5,
Jan K,0,Volker B,2,
Thorsten B,0,Frank F,4,
Thorsten B,3,Andreas Kl,2,
Frank F,9,Volker B,4,
Jan K,0,Frank F,6,
Andreas Kl,1,Volker B,4,
Thorsten B,1,Volker B,4,
Jan K,1,Andreas Kl,1,
Frank F,10,Andreas Kl,0,
Thorsten B,6,Jan K,0,
Volker B,3,Jan K,0,
Frank F,4,Thorsten B,1,
Andreas Kl,0,Thorsten B,1,
Volker B,2,Frank F,1,


After the tournament Andreas had to leave and we played a last 4 men tournament

Volker B,6,Frank F,7,
Thorsten B,2,Jan K,0,
Thorsten B,1,Volker B,2,
Jan K,1,Frank F,8,
Volker B,3,Jan K,0,
Frank F,4,Thorsten B,2,
Frank F,6,Volker B,3,
Jan K,0,Thorsten B,3,
Volker B,4,Thorsten B,2,
Frank F,9,Jan K,2,
Jan K,1,Volker B,6,
Thorsten B,3,Frank F,5,


Here are some photos from the prizegiving

[Gallery not found]

Wiesbadener Kick Off Stadtmeisterschaft Invitro


RMKO June 2009

The second edition of the HomeCon was very funny again. This time there were more people present then last time, so it is spread, that this is a nice meeting to meet different retro computer groups. Thanks again to the organizers for letting this happen.

[Gallery not found]

This time the Rhein Main Kick Offers where allready 3. Frank, Jan and I. Next time hopefully Juan will join us, to that we will be complete. Again we played a lot of matches, but also played other games. Frank for example was exited to play his old favorite Rally Speedway on a Atari XL. And Jan and I played some Speedball 1 matches at the end.

Here are the Results of the matches:

Frank – Thorsten
4:2, 7:0, 4:2, 6:2, 6:2, 4:2, 6:2, 6:0, 5:1, 6:3, 8:2, 8:4

Frank – Jan
9:0, 10:0, 10:0, 4:0, 14:0, 10:0

Jan – Thorsten
0:4, 0:1, 0:3, 2:1 !!!, 1:3, 1:1, 0:2, 0:2

Ok, once again no chance against Frank, but my defence was better than last time, and also I scored much more goales. The matches against Jan were all hard fightes, and Jan also won one game and scored a draw in another one. So everybody was satisfied in the end I think.

Next HomeCon will be in November I heard, hopefully not at the same date as the Kick Off WC in Austria.

HomeCon 05/09

For the first time some retro related people organize a meeting called HomeCon in Seligenstadt (near Frankfurt), to simple meet each other and do what every you like with your old stuff.

I heard about the event via a retro group at Wer-kennt-wenn and so I organised, that the RMKO group do a Kick Off training there.

Ok we were only Frank and I, but it was a start. It was hard to get to Seligenstadt, because I missed the highway exit twice, and then I found out, that it was i a subburb, and so it took me more time from the exit to the location than from Wiesbaden to the exit.

Frank told me he also had some problems, so I felt not that alone :-)

The meeting was i a kind of a town hall and we had a room with enough space, but there was a lack of powersupply plug-ins. While this minnor problem was solved, I had a quick look around, and saw a loot of Commodore C64 and C128 people, one Atarian, a lonly Amstrad user and a coleco fan.

Frank was impressed by the internet kit called Commodore 64. I heard of it before, but it was interesting to see it in real. Also interesting for me, to see a C65 in real.

Together with some cakes the power plug-in was delivered and so we start playing Kick Off. The people was impressed by our enthusiasm (Jawohl), and so get some attraction. In the end there was at least one person who showed his old skills. He has talent (scored a goal against the german vice-champion), and we hope he will join a tournament next time.


Here are the results:

Thorsten B – Frank F

The table:
1. Frank F. 51 points 127 goals
2. Thorsten B. 0 points 19 goals

So I would say a good 2nd place for me.

I also give a bag of DD Disks (some 100 pieces) away for free, and the people liked them a lot, so finally they came to good hands, that was fine for me.

Later Hans the main organizer of the VCFe joined the meeting, and once again he invited me to the VCFe. It is next week, but I’m not prepared, but well Hans real has good arguments to join the meeting, so next Year I will do so I think

Then it was time to leave. One of the organizers told us, that the next date will be the 6th of June.

IKOV now called RMKO

Back in 2007 I foundet the IKOV (Iratarischer Kick Off Verband – Iratarian Kick Off Association). The Idea was to have a local community in the Rhein/Main Area, or to have a community of ATARI bases Kick Off players.

Here a screenshot of the old IKOV Blog:


So the goal of the IKOV was open. Now we established a community of Kick Off players in the Rhein/Main area and because most of them aren’t ATARI bases, it makes no sense to call it Iratarian anymore. So the IKOV is now called RMKO (Rhein/Main Kick Off).


Well, the tournament was last week, but here are the results.

Frank wins all games. I won all games against Juan and Juan lost all games, but his gameplay improved during the training, so the results are the espected ones, but we enjoyed the games I think and that what’s count

Thorsten B,4,Juan S,1,
Juan S,0,Frank F,11,
Frank F,8,Thorsten B,0,
Juan S,0,Thorsten B,4,
Frank F,9,Juan S,0,
Thorsten B,2,Frank F,8,
Thorsten B,3,Juan S,0,
Juan S,0,Frank F,15,
Frank F,5,Thorsten B,1,
Juan S,0,Thorsten B,7,
Frank F,14,Juan S,0,
Thorsten B,3,Frank F,7,
Thorsten B,1,Juan S,0,
Juan S,0,Frank F,15,
Frank F,4,Thorsten B,0,


Rhein / Main Kick Off Tournament Januar 2009

Thanks to Volker, this time we were able to do a real offizial tournament. Many thanks to you Volker.

After 1-2 practise matches, we start early and managed to play 4 rounds. Volker and Frank who stayed over night got the idea to do a personal competition for the couch. Well Frank won, sorry Volker.

After 2,5 rounds Volker looks like the winner, but then we give him some pepermint schnaps from the czech republic and maybe this “blinder” managed that he first only scored a draw against me and then lost all further games against Frank.

Was the best player in the end, so he deserved the title

Became more and more tired, because it was a long working day for him and a long journey as well

I feel a little bit unmotivated at the moment, but it looks like my joystick now works again after the cabel was changed last week. I also manage to continue my training in high balls, I stoped at the austrian champs. Hope that I could play more 4-2-4 in the future.

We all agree, that he finally crossed the break even point, and he become better and better now. Well done, even that you still haven’t earned a single point at the RMKO tournaments so far, it’s only a matter of time.

Thanks to all participants, see you in February

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