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Mittwinter Meeting 2012 Kirchen / D



Der mit dem Sega tanzt: HomeCon #12

Friday I had a good night Kick Off and a good movie called “Legion” at Franks place in Mannheim. We also used the time to coordinate the dates for the upcoming Summer tournaments in the near of Gummersbach and in Frankfurt. So it looks good for a nice Kick Off summer all over Europe.

At the HomeCon there was no Kick Off station ready, so first I bought a used copy of “The Bard’s tale” for the C64. I do not own a C64, but I like to have a original box of the classic at home.

In the meantime the organizers of the Sega Championship arrived and started to build up their stuff. Hessi (HomeCon organizer) had build out the seats of his van an so we had 4 nice seats for the players.

And finaly Newalix arrived and we could play Kick Off. In the end we had a nice little tournament. Horst become really efficient with his 45 degree shots, so we had some close matches.

Thorsten B – Frank F 2-2, 1-3:
Another draw. But I want’s a victory next time I’m so close.
Thorsten B – Horst L 4-2,2-1:
Both times Horst scores first, but my better Midfield saved the games.
Thorsten B – Jan K 5:1,4:1
Jan was not as good as in the last tournaments. Easy wins in the end.

Between the games we also participated in the Sega Tournament:

Round 1: Bomber Man
I played against Oerg and he won 3-2. Again won 2 rounds in this game. Not bad. In the Sega Megadrive version you could get a dino to ride on it. This is a second live, so if you die, only your dino is dead. So if your opponement have a dino and you not, that is a disadvantage I learned in the final match.

Round 2: Micro Machines 2
Great game. I lost against Neewalix, but we had some funny fights. Loved to let him die on the sponge. Hope to play that game more often

Round 3: Columns
Cause I did not knew that with button C you could give some lines to your opponement, the game was not that funny for me :-) Well a game that is not one of my favorites.

Round 4: Sonic 2
A must for sega fans, but not a game for newbies.

Round 5: Super Kick Off
The sega version of Kick off is really the opposite of fun. But at least I was able to do the first “Day Trick”. That was the only positive thing. A shame for the Kick Off line.

It was nice to meet the enthusiastic Sega people and we had some fun playing different games. To improve a Tournament with people who do not regular play all these games and also not regular use a game pad, it would be nice to have a short explaination of the games before you play.

During the tournament I also had time to talk and play a little bit around. Played G.Radius on the PS1. A great game. Also thanks to Ebby that he thought on my Mega ST2. I bought G.Radius on my RCM trip two weeks ago, so I will have a shooting soon on my PS2.

Now it was time to go home. The nice weekend tripp was finished by meal at KFC and some 3 Kick Off games.

Stuff I bought at the eJagFest 2010

It’s a while ago, but here is the Stuff I bouhgt at the eJagFest 2010

eJagFest 2010 stuff

V.I.P. 2010

Last weekend I was at the V.I.P. demoscene party in the near of Lyon in France.

twh / taos joined me. We were 1,5 days on the road and one day at the party, but it was a very nice and relaxing party. Beside going to Lyon to have look around, we also found time, to play some old Atari XL classics like Wizard of Wor and The great American country cross race.

Unfortunately I was to tired to see the compos (damned).

But I also found time to compile Lua 5.0.3 for mint, and now also the os.execute function words when it is compiled with gcc.

Here some Pictures

[Gallery not found]

Good bye Breakpoint

The last Breakpoint was also a end of a chapter of my live. The post Atari party era is at it’s end.


HomeCon III

This issue of the HomeCon started with a suprise for me. The first person I saw (beside Hessi the organizer who kindly :-) mentioned that I’m a little bit late) was Wizard. I haven’t met him for 4-5 years, and it’s nice to met him again, because he is a very good gamer, and it’s always nice to beat him.

This time I got 2 Falcons with me, to setup one of them to use a my d-bug patch gaming machine. After some strange happings I finally managed to get HD Driver 7.52 running and recognize the ZIP drive to copy all the patches to the 10GB laptop harddisk, I once bought from 16/32 Systems.

My falcons

My falcons

Next to me sat Ralf. He collects Laser Disks. Here a picture of the Pioneer player he got with him.

Pioneer Laser Disk player with a disk

Pioneer Laser Disk player with a disk

Interesting, that there are plug-in Modules for Sega Mega Drive, Nec PC-Engine, and Nec Turbo Grafx.

Pioneer Lazer Disk player with console plug-ins

Pioneer Lazer Disk player with console plug-ins

The main attraction this time was a former Commodore employee who wrote a book called “the downfall of Commodore”. He got some original correspondance with him and some nice stories I guess, cause I found no time to speak with him, cause I was busy with my Falcon and other things.

It was my task, to organize a gaming competition. The game was “Burgenschlacht” and we played on a Phillips G7400. The game reminds me of “Ballerburg”, but ok, “Burgenschlacht” is the older game. The game was great fun, and in the end, the final matches were all very close games. The organizers pepared some nice documents for the winners and maybe in 10-20 years they will be also valuable retro items.

I play Burgenschlacht

I play Burgenschlacht

The winner

The winner

Go and have a look at the results of the competition

After this competition, we played “Multi Cervi”. It a long time since I played it last, and Wizard beat me 2 times after a opening draw :-( “Multi Cervi” is a “Tron” clone for 8 players (or 16) and we played it on a Atari XL.

Atari XL running Multi Cervi

Atari XL running Multi Cervi

Finally I saw a strange item. It was a Box of a Assembler for the Tomson TO5 or TO7. The assembler was from Infrogrames and on the backside there were some ratings like “number of player”, “playtime”. Strange ratings for a assembler.

Assembler for the Thomson computer

Assembler for the Thomson computer

Then it was time to go home. Once again a very nice gathering. Sadly it looks like I can’t go there next time, because it will be the same date as the Kick Off World Championship

HomeCon 05/09

For the first time some retro related people organize a meeting called HomeCon in Seligenstadt (near Frankfurt), to simple meet each other and do what every you like with your old stuff.

I heard about the event via a retro group at Wer-kennt-wenn and so I organised, that the RMKO group do a Kick Off training there.

Ok we were only Frank and I, but it was a start. It was hard to get to Seligenstadt, because I missed the highway exit twice, and then I found out, that it was i a subburb, and so it took me more time from the exit to the location than from Wiesbaden to the exit.

Frank told me he also had some problems, so I felt not that alone :-)

The meeting was i a kind of a town hall and we had a room with enough space, but there was a lack of powersupply plug-ins. While this minnor problem was solved, I had a quick look around, and saw a loot of Commodore C64 and C128 people, one Atarian, a lonly Amstrad user and a coleco fan.

Frank was impressed by the internet kit called Commodore 64. I heard of it before, but it was interesting to see it in real. Also interesting for me, to see a C65 in real.

Together with some cakes the power plug-in was delivered and so we start playing Kick Off. The people was impressed by our enthusiasm (Jawohl), and so get some attraction. In the end there was at least one person who showed his old skills. He has talent (scored a goal against the german vice-champion), and we hope he will join a tournament next time.


Here are the results:

Thorsten B – Frank F

The table:
1. Frank F. 51 points 127 goals
2. Thorsten B. 0 points 19 goals

So I would say a good 2nd place for me.

I also give a bag of DD Disks (some 100 pieces) away for free, and the people liked them a lot, so finally they came to good hands, that was fine for me.

Later Hans the main organizer of the VCFe joined the meeting, and once again he invited me to the VCFe. It is next week, but I’m not prepared, but well Hans real has good arguments to join the meeting, so next Year I will do so I think

Then it was time to leave. One of the organizers told us, that the next date will be the 6th of June.

AC 2009

I planed to pack on Friday, but of course I did not, so I had something todo Saturday morining, but I managed to leave at 10 o’clock. Very early I think. After an hour drive, I found out, that I missed my joysticks and the mouse. That’s really unproffesionel for a retro gamer, but I was not able to chance it.

So after a boring drive of 4,5 hours finally I arrived in Congis. I was amazed, to see a german car with a area code just next to my home tone, and inside I found out, that Lynxman and Matashen also joined the party this year. They told me, that the car belongs to somebody else, and that they did not had the same way I had. Otherwise I would have been angry with myself.

Lynxman & Matashen

Jan and Pepax was also allready there as promised, and after I was welcomed by Arethius, Jan and Pepax helped me to get the stuff inside. I had something to sell, and most of the stuff I gave away from free. I also had my Kubuntu notebook with me, and a falcon for testing the latest dbug releases.

Jan & Pepax

I found as good as none time to use my laptop. My plan was to write some stories about the STOT, but I didn’t. I used the falcon more often to play some games, and I found out, that Backlash is a nice game, and Beyond the Ice Palace is still a great game. Thanks again to Matashen for lending me his Joystick.

Unfortunately I was to late to take part in the anual Medival Maythem tournament, but I will again next year.

There were some presentations. Lynxman showed his Lynx Flashcard. And Matashen showed his first Lynx game. A kind of Monopoly with games instead of houses and with publishers instead of streets. Some Amstrad guys showed their latest games. A Manical Drop clone and a Sudoku clone. Both were good games, but I had to laught, because the same games were released last year on the ST as well.

The decission to open the party also official to Amiga and Amstrad was right, even there was not many Amigas to see except a CD32 next to mine. The owner tested a lot of games, and it was interesting to see, that there were a lot of releases that does not exist on the ST. I knew that before and I have to test them with my 1200 or 4000 as well as soon as I find time.
The Amstrad people occupied a whole row and most of them had a CPC plus which is a really nice maschine. For the first time, I also saw packages of GX4000 games. And well they were really huge, but the games were a joke if you think about the fact, that they were released 1990. 5 Years after the debut of the ST. Anyway, it was cool to have both systems on the party.

The Party

The Jagware team showed a new game called “do the same”. I played it, and I like it. It’s a puzzle game with a well known game play. You have to turn some quares, so that finally a give pictures will be shown. But I enjoyed it, and that’s whats count.

Beside that, I bought some stuff, and enjoyed the athmosphere, spoke alot with Matashen and Lynxman and finally, it was time to went home.

The stuff I got for me at the party

Breakpoint 2009

Like last year, I was only there for watching the releases. Some days before, Samurai / Inter asked me on IRC to join him and so he picked me up and we arrived at about 20’30 in Bingen.

Just when we entered, we saw that the Console/Wild compo was running, so we watched them on the small screen. There were some nice stuff as allways in this compo. I remember most the MSX2 demo because of it’s MSX typical red color.

Next we went inside and the first person I met was Remo. Nice to go to a 1000 person party and the first one is of your own crew.

Now it was time to have a look at the food shops. They were the same like every year. So here my personal Brechpunkt Food Rating (BFR):

1) Pommes Frites – it’s easy, can’t go wrong
2) Dönner – Would not buy it outside, but there it was good and I was not hungry anymore, so that fine
3) Crepes – can’t go wrong either
4) Pasta – This year I saw that they have more than one variation, so maybe worth another try next time
5) Pizza – Oh no, does not taste at all and it’s expensive

After eating some Pommes Frites, I was prepared for the main reason to go to the Breakpoint: The Amiga Demos. And once again, it was worth watching them.

Next was to talk a little bit with Mr.Coke / Avena who was sitting there coding on a ST Emulator.

Finally it was not to avoid to watch all the 25 entries of the PC Demo competition. There were 2-3 that were interesting and the rest were crab. Farbrausch was technically great, but the music and the design bores you to death. The one with the folksong was my favorite. MFX was true art, but hard to watch because it was very long.

Later a friend of Mr.Coke showed us the winning Demo of “The Gathering” party who is at the same time in Norway, and this ASD production was better than the whole compo at the Breakpoint.

So it was nice to be there, but next year hopefully I could manage to disappear before the PC Demos

Pictures from the Mittwinter Meeting

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