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Coding Weekend 3: The cakes

This weekend I was able to add the cakes on the screen. You could also allready eat them.


Beside that, I cleanup the code a bit.

Coding Weekend 2: The raticides

This weekend I implemented the list routines from the last session to draw a couple of raticides on the screen. The idea is that if Zaehbra eats them, he dies. So they are a kind of a barrier.

Here the latest screenshot:

Zaebra & some more raticides

Projekt Zaehbra – Coder weekend II: Did some fingertraining in C coding for the Zaehbra project

After a period of java coding, it was cool to come back to c again. But of course you get used to some structures like lists (vectors etc.). This has to be written in plain C by yourself, so did I. It was funny in the end to see a double chained list working in the end. This lists will be the main structures to controll the objects like enemies,barriers,tiles etc. in the game, so it was an important part of the game and the engine. Therefor there is nothing to show, but let’s see what will happen the next coderweekend

Use somebody else’s code, a new experience

I thought it was time to finally use code of a friend again. Last time I did that was the GodLib maybe. And the code fragments No/Escape once gave to me, to paint a texture.

This time I used SSB’s small start of a SDL helper library. He called it ParadizeLib. My idea is to comine this lib with NonConForm to have NonConForm/LUAonSDL for a GP2X and NonConForm/LUAonGodLib for the Falcon.

A challenge to get that running, if I see how less time I have, but “Wo ein Wille ist, da ist auch ein Weg” as we say in german.


The result of my easter sneak in SDL coding session combined with the ParadizeLib is a Background with a hereo and a enemy. You are able to controll the Hero and that’s it. But it has nearly everything I need from SDL to finish the game