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Various changes in the Funivercity of Irataria Rechenzentrum

In the last weeks, there were a lot of parties and meetings and a lot of things changed in the Rechenzentrum, so here a short summary:

I got a new PCMCIA adapter for my A1200 to put all the WHD Load stuff onto it. The old card got broken, so I invested another 6 Euro for a new one.

At the Xzentrix 2010 I bought a monitor adapter to connect a Atari Monitor to a Amiga. Back at home I tried it out and it worked 90%. I now could play Kick Off with my Atari Logo Stick and a Atari Monitor that’s great. At the bottom some lines are missing, but who cares.

For the Xzentrix I also put together some consoles that have to leave the Rechenzentrum.

The SNES is still here, but I look for the Power Supply and when I found it, I will give it in good hands. I miss a 4 player adapter for the machine, to play Mario Karts with more than 2 players, and I had to many other Nintendo hardware.

The XBOX is a great machine, maybe the best Emulator station around, but I dislike the Microsoft Logo that much, that I finally decided to give it away. Now it is used by the chields of Hessi, the HomeCon organizer.

The Amiga CD32 was a nice machine as well, but now since my WHD Load is setup on my A1200, I don’t need it anymore

At the HomeCon, I did not only sell some consoles, I also bought two games for  the collection:

  • Kampfgruppe, a SSI game I will never play, but a great box art
  • Zelda for the DS. A great game and I like it a lot.

Cause there is now some more space in the Multiconsole tower, I put the A1200 into it

At the OFAM I got these things:

  • A NETBee USB network card for the Falcon
  • Brett Hull NHL Hockey for the Jaguar
  • Badlands for the ST

For my Wii I got a Golf controller

And last but not least, Ted (Horst L) got me a Vectex Multicard

Now I could play with my Vectrey 70 different files. A great cardridge.