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Medals and Cups for the Checkered Flag European Championship arrived

In two weeks the eJagFest 2010 will take place near Düsseldorf. Now I got the medals and cups for the Checkered Flag European Championship. This time all participants get a medal. The best 3 drives also will win a cup

The medal for all participants

The cups for the winners


Mittwinter Meeting 2009

Bilder vom Mittwinter Meeting in Kirchen. Auf dem Bildern ist auch der “Defender or Die” Spielewettbewerb zu sehen, den ich sogar gewonnen habe!

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The Mittwinter meeting was foundet by Dr.Zed and is held in Kirchen (Sieg) in Germany. The meeting once was started for Amstrade and Z80 fans, but nowadays all retro computers are present. This year you could spot: Amstrade, Atari,Commodore and Acorn.

The meeting is held in the western forest hills nearby Siegen, and it’s allways really cold up their in the mountains. There is a buch of crazy people present, from allover Germany (Bielefeld, Osnabrück, München, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Aachen, Hagen, etc).

Beside a lot of repair actions this year Cash organised a Defender or Die (Amstrade CPC) competition.

Here the results:

1. ThorN 16300
2. Tolkin 8100
3. Ingo 8050
4. Cash 7675
5. Nilquader 5825
6. xesrjb 3425

My first victory on a CPC :-)