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New Stot round: Erik the Viking

A nice jump and run. The levels are short but challenging.

My first score 39500

LowRes #3 released

Image by Samurai / Inter

The LowRes team is proud to announce that issue #3 of the LowRes blog mag is now online.

We hope you enjoy the read and if you want to contribute with articles, reviews or anything else just go ahead and tell us!

We appreciate your feedback!

Got the prize for the 3rd place in Attackwave

When I visited SSB in Friedrichshafen, he gave me the prize for my 3rd place in the STOT round when we played Attackwave

3rd Place in the STOT #3/3 Attackwave round

The Kick Off World Championship 2009 in Voitsberg / Styria (Austria)

Once again I was in Voitsberg, once again it was a great time.


In the end I scores 27th of 34 players.

The citificate of the 27th place

I scored 3rd in the Fun Cup, so one position better than last year in Athens. I’m satisfied, even that Armin K who scored 4th would have deserved to be 3rd.

Games worth to mention:

Day 1: Group C (a.k.a. The German Group)

Thorsten B – Armin K. 3-2

My first game ever I won on day 1. I was really bad, but I had luck, beside the historic dimension of the game we should forget it asap.

Thorsten B – Armin K. 3-0

My first victory on day 1 I’m proud of. This time I was happy with my play, and finally I think a big burden was falling away from me.

Thorsten B – Volker B 2-5

3 goals in the first 30 second, what  a disaster. But I did not surrender and I think it was more the missing goals in the 2nd half that causes the result.

Thorsten B – Alex B 2-3

Dammit, this were 2 lost points, I was really close to score a point or more.

Thorsten B – Tommaso R 0-2

Tommaso was already 2-0 in the lead, when I got a penalty. It was the Amiga, so I said “No No No”, and Tommaso shoot the goal into the clouds. That is fair play, respect respect and respect again to Tommaso.

Thorsten B – Tommaso R 1-1

As you read before, Tommaso is a real fair play sportsman. My way to say Thank you were endless fouls. Ok his answer to my 1-0 was a lob, but that is no excuse for my shitty unfairness. I still feel ashamed, hope that he could forgive me.

Thorsten B – Gianni T 3-10

As always Gianni played with 30% but it was enough for me :-) But I was able to score 2 nice goals. My first “Steve Evil Flanken Tor” for example. Was satisfied because of the goals.

Thorsten B- Ektoras K 0-6

After the 0-4 I really fought well and was able to loose only 0-6. Was satisfied with my defence (was the last game I was satisfied with my defence).

Bronze Cup

Thorsten B – Armin K  0-6

Armin played better and in the end every shoot was a goal. Well he deserved the victory and concratulation once again.

Thorsten B – Harald B 2-6

Like the game against Armin, there was no aggression in my play and Harald was really effective this time. Well after the 0-5 I really started to play and I scored 2 goals and then I missed a penalty, was satisfied with the 2nd half, but next time I have to be awake from the beginning

Thorsten B – Mark W 2-1

What a lucky win. After my 2-1 I did nothing and the rest of the game (7 minutes?) Mark hit everything but not inside the goal. I could say good defended, but no, Mark simply had no luck at all.

Thorsten B – Michael Ma 2-1

Another lucky game. Mike scored the 1-0, I answered with a routine goal. Maybe the referee was not on my side, but I lost 2 players due to red cards, so I chanced to lockout and surprise surprise I scored a goal. A narrow angel goal of course :-)

Thorsten B – Helmut H 2-2

After Helmut was leading 2-0, I did a good fight and reached a 2-2. I look forward for the next game against him, cause these close games are always the most interesting ones.

Thorsten B – Michael F 5-0

Michael was not able to use one of my many presents, so finally I scored and in the end it was a easy win. But of course Michael had to organizer stress to master, so come on, you will be better next time.

Thorsten B – Astrid L 6-0

Was my first game, and I was effective in this game. Astrid should try to press the button more often in the defence.

Thorsten B – Andreas “World greatest shamie” KL 8-0

I was a little bit empty in the head, so I simply don’t think and only play and it works.

Lessons Learned:

  • My combinations are becoming better
  • My defence has to be more concentrated
  • Silver Cup is a reachable target
  • I could be really unfair (shame)

Beside the games:

  • Glühmost rulez
  • Dieter (Robert) will be a good ambassador of the German language in Abu Dhabi
  • I also sign the petition “More WAG’s to come to the WC”

Thanks to Michael, Walter, Wolfgang and the other organizers to do this great tournament. Was a great time in Voitsberg

Here are some stuff I got for my collection of retro party stuff:

The tournament badge

The particiapting medal

The entrence present

Here are 2 pictures for my upcoming collection of “stuff worth to taste at retro parties”:

Naturtrüber Apfelsaftschorle

Mini Baumstämme

e-jagfest results

Yesterday, I organized some competitions at the e-jagfest 2009. This year we had a record of visitors and also the competitions were crowded with participants.

Here are the results:

Checkered Flag European Championship 2009

Grenzüberschreitung European Championship 2009

Club Drive European Championship 2009

Due to the competitions, I got some gadgets from some friends or bought them:

Prize for 2nd Place in Grenzüberschreitung

2nd Place in Grenzüberschreitung Cup

Prize for 4th place in Checkered Flag

Some Arcade Joysticks I bought from

A disk with Dogfight a great multiplayer PD game I got from Ryo

A disk with Dogfight a great multiplayer PD game I got from Ryo

3 ST Games MugUK got me

3 ST Games MugUK got me

the event badge

Pictures will follow as soon as I get them. A report is planed for the next Low Res magazin.

Shamie picture

Thanks to Oliver St. I finally got my hands on a picture I was looking for since years. The moment when I scored last in the Kick Off World Championship 2005.

Nr. 63 of 63 players. I lost all games on that weekend, except a draw Fieser Wolf / metal voze gave to me as a present.

Because I was the worst player in the tournament, I gained the title, but it’s no shame to show this event to the public, maybe that is courage.

RMKO October 2009

Our meeting was at Saturday the 24th. As always (or nearly always) when we do a Kick Off training, there was a theme park at the parking lot, but all participants managed to find a parking place. First who arrived was Juan S. He told me, that some vandals had damed the bell and that my one is gone, a nice start :-(

Therefor Juan got me a bottle of spanish red wine as a present, thanks Juan. While we did our first matches, Frank F. arrived. Surprise surprise, he also had a present, a self made cake. Thanks Frank. So for the afternoon we had something to eat (because everybody beside me had to drive, we did not drink the wine). Last but not least, Jan K. arrived. He got me a burned CD, thanks to him too.

This time we decided to do no tournament even that we were 4 people. Instead we did some training games.We enjoyed the games and had a good time. We also watch the video from the Lund tournament and talked about the upcoming WC in Austria.

Juan then left and the rest of us continue to play. Later we ordered some food and played Tennis and Guitar Hero on the Wii. At last we watched (as a preparation for Austria) the austrian movie “Hinterholz 8″.

So this time we played a lot of Kick Off, but also did some other stuff. Thats a great addition to only play Kick Off, and we see what we could do at the next training.

My first emulator for my media center is configured

I just setup a media center. The first steps has been setting up a linux, installing MythTV and then installing and configurating Hatari. Well it works perfect. Here some pictures:

Continental Circus played with Hatari

MythTV showing the only one ATARI ST disk image uploaded so far

MythTV showing the only one ATARI ST disk image uploaded so far

Issue #1 of the Low Res webmag is released

After weeks of preparaten finally today SSB, ChrisTOS and I released the first issue of a retro orientated webmag.

Check it out:

Thanks to all people who contribute: Overlord, Bunsen, Tomchi.

STOT season trophy badges released

I did some badges for the best STOT players of the season. I did them for season #2 as well as for season #1.

all Badges

I myself scored second each season, so here are my badges:

Photobucket Photobucket