Date Competiton Place Game
21.11.2009 Kick Off World Championship 2009 – Voitsberg/Austria 27/34 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
Was satisfied, had some bad games and won some lucky ones.
29.08.2009 European Checkered Flag Championship – Kaarst/Germany 4/24 Checkered Flag (Lynx)
Damned, was first in the qualification. But in the end the first 3 players were the better ones
29.08.2009 European Grenzüberschreitungs Championship – Kaarst/Germany 2/11 Grenzüberschreitung (Falcon)
In the last match, Sarah was leading with 2 points, I let her die and only one opponement left, but then I died, so it was really a close final.
27.06.2009 Italien Kick Off Open 2009 – Milano/Italy 14/16 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
I should do better next time.
07.03.2009 UK Kick Off Championship 2009 – Lutown/England 21/25 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
Good tournament, next time I need to play more offensive
18.01.2009 Mittwinter Meeting 2009 1/6 Defender or Die (Amstrad CPC)
My first victory on a CPC
09.11.2008 Kick Off World Championship 2009 – Athens/Greece 36/41 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
I always have problems against mediteranian players, beside that, I was able to beat the german players of my skill
25.10.2008 Deutsch Kick Off Meisterschaft 2008 – Wiesbaden/Germany 5/12 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
A great result. Unforgetable the final victory against Volker
04.10.2008 Österreichische Kick Off Meisterschaft 2008 – Voitsberg/Austria 1/5 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
A triumph for the eternity
12.09.2008 Bayrische Kick Off Meisterschaft 2008 – Seeshaupt/Germany 1/6 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
Great battles against Robert, and another title for me
10.05.2008 Italien Kick Off Open 2008 – Milano/Italy 14/17 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
Good tournament. Won the games I could win. Do not became last.
11.11.2007 Kick Off World Championship 2007 – Rome/Italy 33/40 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
Was a great feeling to win the Fun cup
08.09.2007 Bayrische Kick Off Meisterschaft 2007 – Seeshaupt/Germany 1/5 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
My first Kick Off tournament victory
13.05.2007 Dutsch Kick Off Open 2007 – Braamt/Netherlands 5/6 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
The game I lost against GGN was sad, but the other games were ok
24.02.2007 Italien Kick Off Open 2007 – Milano/Italy 16/16 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
I scored last, because I was the worst player at that day
09.12.2006 Deutsche Kick Off Meisterschaft 2006 – Kelkheim / Germany 9/12 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
Good tournament, again under the top 10
12.11.2005 Kick Off World Championship 2005 – Kõln / Germany 63/63 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
I scored last, because I was the worst player at that day
25.06.2005 Kick Off Deutsche Meisterschaft 2005 – Homburg/Germany 9/10 Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
Fullfiled my aims: scored a goal, did not loose with a double digit, won a game, not became last

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