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WGL meeting October 2010

Nafcom and Frank were the first who arrived. While having a look at Nafcoms netbook to see what’s wrong with his Mandriva Linux installation, Wizard also arrived. Of course it took a little bit longer to detect the problem with the failed Mandriva update, so Frank and Wizard were playing a little bit Kick Off. Finally the X-Server worked again, but did not found the mouse and the keyboard, but better then before.

Now we played together Rush Rush Rally on the Dreamcast while Neewa gave us a call that he also wants to join the meeting. When he arrived, we agreed that it’s time for food and started the barbeque. Outside it was not that cold (around 10 degree I guess) and the sausages and steaks were great.

No we tested some of the burned DC CD’s and half of them worked :-( Therefor Loony Toons Racer was among the working ones, and we enjoyed some quick races.

After having a look at the CD’s it was time for some cakes backed by Frank.

Now we had a look at Return to Genesis the first game of the new STOT seaon. I explained the history of the game a bit and then everybody had some 3-4 games. The game is a hard one, and so it took some time to get into it.

Nafcom is playing RTG

Return To Genesis on the bigscreen

Neewa is playing

Here are the scores:

At the OFAM I bought Brett Hull Hockey for the Jaguar, and now it was a good time to play it with 2 players. It took some time to finally configure a 2 player game, and it also took some minutes to understand the different shoot controlls, but then it was a good fun, and I think we will play this game again.

Next was the one and only Worms on the Atari Jaguar. Again a great fun. Especially Nafcoms logic that killing 2 of his own worms was a great move because he also killed 3 other worms.

We also tried out Dynablaster on the Amiga, but the Atari 4 Player Adapter did not worked with the Amiga. Sad, I have to get a 4 Player adapter for the Amiga soon.

Wizard then had to leave and we continue with some more 4 player games.

We played V-Rally on the Dreamcast, and we had some close races with changing winners. Always a great one.

Last game was Gauntlet Legends on the Dreamcast. A great 4 player hack and slay. We died in Level 4 I think. We will play it again, no doubt about it.

Then at 3 o’clock we finish the WGL

One thought on “WGL meeting October 2010
  • Nafcom says:

    Hey Thorsten, very good report, thank you :)

    Thanks for writing it in English so I could send a link to this to some of my friends abroad. Yeah, the Worms thing was really fun ;)

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