Wir spielen gerne Retro-Videospiele

VSTbo (Video Spiel Treffen Bodensee-Oberschwaben) Dezember 2010

It’s a while ago, but here some photos from our meeting some days ago.

SSB and I played some ST games.

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We played:

  • Thrust: Even that it was an original, it crashed all the time
  • The ultimate Arena: A great homebrew I onced distributed
  • Tipp off: The basketball version of Kick Off, was interesting, even that it was more football then Basketball, but a great game.
  • Wizards Crown: We are both no RPG freaks, so it was hard to get into
  • Roadwar 2000: Great tactic game, really intuitive
  • SWIV
  • Chubby Gristle: Not our cup of tea
  • A not so bad Fighting game, but I forgot the name
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