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New years eve meeting

At new years eve we decided to do a meeting without computer games but with board games. So this time we played “Zug um Zug Europe”. I thought that I bought the game some 2 years ago but found no time to play it so far, but when I opened it I found out, that [...]

Last training in 2010

Yesterday Frank and Thorsten did a last trainingsession before the traditional new year Kick off match at new years eve between Thorsten and Jan. The results were the expected ones beside 2 draws.

VSTbo (Video Spiel Treffen Bodensee-Oberschwaben) Dezember 2010

It’s a while ago, but here some photos from our meeting some days ago. SSB and I played some ST games. Alle anzeigen Eigenes Album anlegen We played: Thrust: Even that it was an original, it crashed all the time The ultimate Arena: A great homebrew I onced distributed Tipp off: The basketball version of [...]

WGL december 2010: visit the “for amusement only” club

The “for amusement only (FAO)” team invited us at the last HomeCon to visit their room stuffed with old Pinball tables and some arcade machines. The are based in Rodenbach (Mein Kinzig Kreis (MKK)) -> near Hanau / Aschaffenburg. They rent some rooms and there you for 5 Euro you could play as long as [...]

VSTbo 11/2010

For the first time we meet in Friedrichshafen for a Video Spiel Treffen (VST) in the region Bodensee-Oberschwaben (BO).

Kick Off saturday

This weekend, Frank, Jan and I did a little Kick Off saturday. First Frank and I visit a local 3rd league match between SV Wehen Wiesbaden and VFR Aalen. Finally I was able to wear my SVWW trikot in public and I also saw the new stadion (3 years old in real. Unfortunately the SVWW [...]

WGL meeting October 2010

Nafcom and Frank were the first who arrived. While having a look at Nafcoms netbook to see what’s wrong with his Mandriva Linux installation, Wizard also arrived. Of course it took a little bit longer to detect the problem with the failed Mandriva update, so Frank and Wizard were playing a little bit Kick Off. [...]

WGL Treffen August 2010

WGL Juni 2010

Endless Kick Off Part 512 Das WGL Treffen begann so gegen 14’00 Uhr als Frank eintraf. Danach haben wir 5,5 Stunden Kick Of gespielt bis Jan vobeikam. Das Turnier in Mailand und vor allen die Österreichischen Meisterschaften haben meinem Spiel doch sichtbar besser getan. Neben den üblichen Niederlagen war ein 4-4 dabei. Schöne Spiele waren [...]

März 2010

Dieses mal waren wir zu fünft, da diesmal auch Frank “Kick Off Meister” F. dabei war. Willkommen beim WGL Frank. Freddy hatte diesmal einen Sega Saturn mitgebracht, der dann auch bei Thorsten blieb. Besonder Virtual Racing hat viel Spaß gemacht. Daneben wurd aber auch viel auf dem Jaguar gespielt. gespielte Games (Die Links zeigen auf [...]

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